Frequently Asked Questions

What is the title of the 1080?

Molecular and Cellular Mechanisms of Neural Homoeostasis.

At which locations is the 1080?

Goethe-University Frankfurt

Johannes Gutenberg-University Mainz

Max Planck-Institute for Brain Research

Institute for Molecular Biology Mainz (IMB)

Hebrew University of Jerusalem.

What is the history of the CRC 1080?

The 1st funding period started on 1st January 2013 (spokesperson: Prof. Robert Nitsch).

The 2nd funding period started on 1st January 2017 (spokesperson: Prof. Amparo Acker-Palmer).

What is the central challenge of the 1080?

To investigate what the homeostatically controlled functions of the nervous system are and which elements contribute to homeostasis?

What are the project areas?

Project area A integrates approaches, which address cellular mechanisms of homeostasis.

Project area B combines projects, which focus on local mechanisms of homeostasis.

Project area C adds the network and systems level to the research on homeostasis including computational approaches.

How many groups make up the 1080?

2013-2016 : Group A = 10 Group B = 8 Group C = 0 Other = 2 TOTAL = 20

2017-2020 : Group A = 5 Group B = 7 Group C = 5 Other = 2 TOTAL = 19

Which labs are part of the 1080?

Goethe-University Frankfurt:

Acker-Palmer |Deller |Gottschalk |Roeper |Tegeder

Johannes Gutenberg-University Mainz:

Behl | Berninger | Kipnis | Luhmann | Lutz | Mittmann | Rumpel | Schmidt | Schweiger | Vogt | von Engelhardt | Zipp

MPI for Brain Research: Institute for Molecular Biology Mainz:

Laurent | Schuman | Tchumatchenko Niehrs

Hebrew University of Jerusalem: