24th July 2019

A new study featuring a collaboration between the Tchumatchenko and Schuman Labs, computational and experimental neuroscientists at the Max Planck Institute for Brain Research.

The original paper by Yombe Fonkeu, Nataliya Kraynyukova, Anne-Sophie Hafner, Lisa Kochen, Fabio Sartori, Erin M. Schuman, and Tatjana Tchumatchenko is entitled 'How mRNA Localization and Protein Synthesis Sites Influence Dendritic Protein Distribution and Dynamics’ was published on Tuesday, July 23rd in Neuron.

More information here.

16th May 2019

An interesting new paper from the Schuman lab at the Max Planck Institute for Brain Research in Frankfurt. The paper by Anne-Sophie Hafner, Paul G. Donlin-Asp, Beulah Leitch, Etienne Herzog, and Erin M. Schuman is entitled ‘Local protein synthesis is a ubiquitous feature of neuronal pre- and postsynaptic compartments’ and will be published on May 17 in Science.

More information here and here.